BioForce, Nickel Titanium (NiTi) wires have transformed the orthodontic profession! The advantages of using these technologically advanced wires are that they apply low forces, reduced friction, and require shorter treatment times.

BioForce is the only single strand, super elastic orthodontic arch wire that provides forces that range gradually from 80 grams in the central to 320 grams at the molars: specific biologically determined forces to move specific teeth- All in One Arch Wire. At any point on the wire the force is near constant.

Other “Tri-Force” or multiforce wires have dead zones that lead to breakage and force inconsistencies.

In-Ovation Braces

We use a revolutionary new system of braces that is not only faster for Dr. Austin to use, but it also can significantly shorten treatment time. The braces are great looking and smaller for greater comfort. They also offer better hygiene than conventional braces because they are smaller and therefore easier to clean around.

Orthodontic treatment is a worthwhile investment not only in your personal appearance, but also in your overall good health!

To receive the maximum benefit, be certain to follow the advice of your orthodontist regarding oral hygiene and the maintenance of your braces.